The Necessity of Paid Advertising

Law Firm Marketing LLC is a company whose niche is marketing for attorneys and law firms

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

An effective online marketing campaign includes placement of organic (not paid) content and posts as well as placement of paid advertisements. Law Firm Marketing LLC team members possess thorough knowledge of how to place the most effective paid ads on the most powerful platforms.

Pay-per-click ads, or PPC, are online advertisements that register a charge when a visitor clicks on the ad. If no one clicks on the ad, there is no cost.

 Google PPC ads are generally at the top of a Google search page. They gain that page position through the use of Google’s Adwords. Google charges for the use of keywords, which it calls Adwords, and the more competitive/sought-after keywords command a higher price tag than less competitive keywords. Google Adwords for lawyers and legal services are generally quite expensive.

A Competent Paid Ads Team

Law Firm Marketing LLC team members who manage a law firm’s paid ads understand the importance of paid ads as well as the options for placing paid ads. PPC advertising occurs in display ads where they show on a network of websites as well as in Google search results. They can also appear in search ad campaigns as people look for services offered by law firms. Finally, they can appear in remarketing campaigns where they are shown to people who have visited a law firm’s website in the past.

 PPC ads are most effective when combined with an overarching online marketing plan. Law Firm Marketing LLC experts understand this and maintain ongoing dialogue with each other to ensure that all parts of the online marketing plan are cohesive and leveraged for function.

Advertising Platforms

Paid ads on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have their distinctive places in the digital marketing effort. Law Firm Marketing LLC ad placement team members are skilled in utilizing all available platforms for the widest reach of the ads.

Most Law Firm Marketing LLC clients understand the necessity of paying for advertising. However, they are even less sure about designing and placing ads than they are about launching social media campaigns. This is where our services, delivered with knowledge and professionalism, remove the burden.

 Our team members handle all aspects of paid advertising from creation to design to keyword implementation to placement. When an ad has been placed, the monitoring phase begins and tracking of results. If results are less than expected, our team members know what options to utilize to get performance on track.

Ad Management = Client Relief

Our clients consistently report a sense of relief at the knowledge that their paid advertising is in our experienced hands. Most Law Firm Marketing LLC clients grow in confidence and satisfaction about the paid ad component of our marketing service, recognizing that their success is due to the skill and knowledge of our seasoned team members.

As results come in that demonstrate excellent ad performance in line with the firm’s goals and targets, our clients could not be happier.