We Are Law Firm Marketing LLC

Law Firm Marketing LLC is a company whose niche is marketing for attorneys and law firms

Strategic Digital Marketing: No Longer Optional

In the past decade, competition in the legal field for quality clients has soared, as has competition for quality junior attorneys. Digital marketing for the purpose of client and talent acquisition long ago ceased being optional; now it is crucial. In a field as competitive as law, any firm serious about dominating the legal landscape must invest significant time, energy, and funds to the task of marketing online.

Law Firm Marketing LLC understands this. We also understand the overwhelming nature of digital marketing to the already busy professional. The extensive scope, industry-specific technologies, and layers of tasks involved in online marketing are daunting. Additionally, the reality that some targets constantly move in a sea of changing algorithms is simply too time-consuming to take on by law firms who must maintain focus on clients, cases and court appearances.

LFM LLC: The What and The Who

With the busy attorney in mind, Law Firm Marketing LLC was created. Two founders collaborated on its design and structure: James Upjohn in the U.K. and Stephen Hudson in the U.S.

James has coached over 1,000 business owners to date on how to rank their websites on Google. He operates his own SEO white label agency and authors an SEO training website. He is a featured guest on multiple webinars and serves clients on almost every continent. He lives and works in Upholland, England.

Stephen brings expertise in internet marketing and search-engine optimization gained through the operation of his own marketing company as well as formal training in internet marketing at Full Sail University.

Delivering Niche-Focused Service

Stephen and James, who already worked with attorneys in the context of their other enterprises, saw the space for an internet marketing company dedicated to addressing the specific needs of attorneys and law firms. They realized that with their combined depth of experience and knowledge, they could deliver unique services and products that would draw quality leads, increase firm exposure, and beat out competition.

Law Firm Marketing LLC, with James and Stephen at the front, has established itself as a leader in the digital field of internet marketing in the legal arena. Starting out with a streamlined staff, our company quickly expanded in response to demand and now comprises an international, multi-member team of experts whose express purpose it is to partner with attorneys and manage their marketing.

Removing Burden, Optimizing Results

Since our inception, we have served and are serving attorneys and law firms in countries around the world. The consistent feedback we receive is first gratefulness to our company for removing the burden of online marketing and, second, that we continually surpass expectation in client generation, website traffic, call rates, clicks, engagement, and, ultimately, in increased revenues.

Our passion is our work; we love what we do and we are good at it. We bring our zeal to every client, crafting customized marketing strategies and deploying those strategies intelligently. In conversation with you, we initiate campaigns that increase your footprint and attract potential clients. We work within budget parameters and remember the bottom line.

We find that most of our clients are so happy with our service that they never turn back. Call us today at (877) 552-9736 or use the contact form to reach out to us.